Your Ancestors left clues.

you can leave the whole story.

Start the Conversation With Your Loved One Today.

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“When there’s no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from this world. Our memories… they have to be passed down by those who knew us in life—in the stories they tell about us.”

— Héctor, from Disney’s Coco.

We help tell life stories on video to pass down to future generations.

  1. awareness & education
    Most people have no idea they have the opportunity to record their loved ones’ stories until it’s too late. We’re raising awareness of this opportunity and teaching people new ways to think about legacy and recorded oral storytelling.
  2. DIY Resources
    We provide everything needed–the steps, the questions, and the flexibility–to record your entire family’s life story affordably with ease. (Stay tuned for our Membership and join the waitlist here!)
  3. Done-for-you Services
    For those who need help with any part of the process of recording a loved one’s stories, we are here to help. We offer a host of customizable services so you only pay for the parts you need help with, whether that’s a little bit of guidance, or the entire project done for you.


  • Start the Conversation
    Learn how to approach your loved ones and ask them to participate.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
    Know the exact steps of how to record life stories–whether it’s your own life stories or interviewing a loved one.

  • Know What Questions To Ask
    We’ve developed a process to make storytellers comfortable, and a library of questions about every subject imaginable.

  • Life Facts & Details Saved & Organized
    Our Life Summaries help summarize the facts of a person’s life, allowing for easy reference. (WARNING: Filling them out may cause spontaneous storytelling).

  • Learn Little-Known Concepts of Legacy
    Understanding how you can use Recorded Oral Storytelling and its benefits and powers will enhance your projects in unimaginable ways.

  • Reduce Stress & Regret When Your Loved One Passes
    Losing your loved one is hard enough without also losing the stories they told and the details of their life you’d wanted to pass down. There’s no need to put yourself in that position. Today, all that changes. Today, you can create permanent connection.


It’s for your loved ones who have already passed
but you still remember–and want others to remember.

It’s for you and your loved ones to remember
your life experiences for the rest of your lives.

It’s for your children to have peace of mind
and permanent connection when you pass.

It’s for your grandchildren to know where they came from
and who shaped the people who shaped you.

It’s for future generations to never wonder who their
ancestors were or the lives they might have led.

In short… it’s for all of us.
It’s for humanity.