“When there’s no one left in the living world who remembers you, you disappear from this world. Our memories… they have to be passed down by those who knew us in life—in the stories they tell about us.”

— Héctor, from Disney’s Coco.


The Memory Collective is a family heritage company focused on all things oral storytelling. We help you get your stories into concrete form and then help you pass them down to future generations.

We do that…

  1. …by educating you about oral storytelling and memory preservation so you can do it yourself
  2. …by providing resources to make sure your project goes smoothly, gets done, and gets passed down
  3. …by mentoring and advising you directly through a project of your own
  4. …or by handling a bulk of the project for you, including services like project planning, interviewing, recording, audio/video editing, transcription, DVD/Blu-ray creation, book formatting, and book binding–all depending of the type of project you have in mind.

Our primary services are:

  • Oral Storytelling Education
  • Providing resources like Oral Story Kits to help you capture your own memories
  • Recording and packaging your stories so you can pass them down
  • Storing your stories for you and passing them along to your beneficiaries at a time you’ve designated.

Check out our Services page for more details!



  • “If only I’d thought to record my kid’s reaction to being at Disney while we were there. It would have been priceless.”

  • “I wish I would have thought to write down my mom’s stories before she passed.”

  • “My gramps died when I was really young. There’s so much I wish I could have asked him about his life.”

  • “I wish I could remember those stories Gramma told me about where we came from. She was the last one to know the old stories of the family, back when our ancestors lived in Italy.”

  • “I can’t find my uncle’s pictures anywhere. It’s going to take hours–maybe even days to hunt through the attic. I don’t even know if that’s where they are. Does anyone know what college he went to, for the obituary? I know he told me, but I just can’t remember. This is the last thing I want to have to think about right now.”

  • “I wish my dad were alive to give me some advice. He’d know just what to say.”

The Memory Collective has solutions

for all of these sad, frustrating situations.

We can’t turn back time,

But by being proactive instead of reactive,

we can help you keep and pass down what’s priceless.


We serve the old and the young, the traveler and the homebody, the ill and the thriving, the teachers and the students, the natives and the immigrants. We serve the grieving, the struggling, the parent, the actor, the veteran, the couple, the friend, the athlete, the musician–quite literally any person who has memories they don’t want to lose–and all those who will come from them. The memories we capture together can depict childhood, a special place, epic journeys, transformations. They can stand in for a parent who died before their young child would ever know them. They can bring sweeping ancestry together so that family members generations apart might know one another on a personal level. They can serve as testimony of a person’s value and worth when they are struggling with self-worth and confidence. They can be told nearly a full lifetime later, in the moment as they are happening, or sent into the future from beyond the grave. There is no limit to what a your Memory Collective can be.